In the initial days my group members were not vocal and did not actively participate in the discussions. But now they speak up and even discuss sensitive issues. If they are unsure or curious they ask questions, so they are now comfortable talking about all types of issues and problems in the group.

Currently I am not able to tell you (all the changes) … the changes are changes between the couples so it’s not easy to see it from the outside. When I ask members in my group if they have felt any changes in themselves or their relationship they say yes they have. Most share that previously they were not asked about decisions that were made but now they make joint decisions (with their spouse) be it big or small. This applies to all of my group members. I believe the Change program is the reason for this improvement in the couples behaviour towards each other.

For me,  I have grown in confidence and improved my skills in facilitation. I now feel that I am able to do something for my society, because I am a facilitator I feel I can speak. I also feel I can help others in need. Before this I was a Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV)  so there isn’t a huge difference in the way people see me now but I have gathered more confidence and am more knowledgeable on the issues facing couples.

I always had a good relationship with my husband. His support is they reason I am who I am today. We shared good relations but now after being a part of the Change project, we can talk to each other about sexual matters more easily and openly.

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