Emory GROW Webinar

Click on the link below to watch our PI Cari Clark give a presentation on the Change project and all we have been doing so far for an audience at Emory University as part of the Rollins School of Public Health GROW network

Grow Webinar


LINEA Webinar

Listen to our Technical Advisor, Gemma Ferguson and our PI, Cari Clark talking about the Change project and our approach to measuring social norms

What Change has been happening?

In this video we talk to our project team, facilitators, religious leaders and couples involved in the Change Starts at Home project to find out what changes they have noticed since taking part in the project…


Singing for Change

Ishwari Bhusal (Change Group facilitator) created this song while she was engaged in her efforts to create a community free from all forms of violence. In the song, she is encouraging couples to work together with mutual understanding and respect for each other. She emphasizes that if we are going to make any changes, then we need to start from ourselves and our own home.


Interviews with Dr Cari Clark

Our study PI, Dr Cari Clark has been talking to the GROW! team at Emory about our project, working with men and women, measuring IPV and engaging leaders in these 3 short videos:


Happy International Women’s Day 

To mark International Women’s Day, the Change Starts at Home project have recorded interviews on stories of change from two couples who attend our weekly listening and discussion group meetings. These stories celebrate how the lives and experiences of women and men (and their children) can be transformed when we focus on respect, good communication and mutual understanding in a marriage.

Story 1: Bikani & Asharami: Change is Possible “When I think about things from the past, I know that if it weren’t for my wife, then my home would have been destroyed. My wife endured everything in the hopes that I would change, and now we have a good relationship” (Asharam Mahato)

Story 2: Menuka & Tulasi: Learning to Communicate “Before listening to the program we feared talking to our spouses about sexual matters…we were not able to tell our husbands about our wants and wishes…but now this has changed, we talk about it….” (Menuka Bhandari)


Story 3: Finding a Way Back: Bina and Pitambar did not have an easy relationship, but with some help they were able to find their way towards a happy and balanced relationship. Watch their journey.

Dancing Against Violence

There is a spirit in dance that speaks all languages. We dance to move, to heal, to feel, to express. We dance to learn and to teach! The Tharu women from Rupauliya came together to dance in solidarity – encouraging their community members to pledge for commitment to create a violence-free community.

Street Dramas

Throughout December 2016 and January 2017, the Change Starts at Home project and our partner VDRC organised 18 street dramas across our 3 project districts (Nawalparasi, Chitwan and Kapilvastu).  The dramas were performed by a local theatre group, Susheli Kala Samuha and were watched by over 4000 people in total.  Watch a 5 minute summary of the performances here:

Facilitator’s Song

Our facilitators perform a song they have written entitled Change Starts at Home (Pariwartan Gharai Bata)

A-Samajhdari Official Trailer

When a young couple meet for the first time before their wedding day they share their hopes and aspirations for their upcoming marriage and promise to support each other’s dreams come what may. However, their life together takes an unexpected turn as the all too common reality of community expectations, peer pressure and family pressures set in.

Watch the official trailer for our film, A-Samajhdari here.  The full film will be released in the new year, so watch this space….

The Change Starts at Home Digital Story

This is a little introduction to who we are and what we have done so far. It also includes some highlights from our baseline survey, conducted in April 2016.

You Do Me No Harm

The fantastic Word Warriors in Nepal performed a spoken word poem at our project launch event.  What a powerful way to start!